Last Thursday (11th March), officers of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for First Do No Harm met to discuss the Group’s activity since launching in December, and to agree on a programme of work going forward.  This will include:

  • Seeking a backbench business debate about the First Do No Harm report in the House of Commons Chamber to maintain parliamentary pressure on the Government to move more swiftly to implement the outstanding recommendations of the report
  • Arranging a public meeting on the topic of establishing a register of financial and pecuniary interests for doctors, as recommended in First Do No Harm. The Group intends to hold this with the British Medical Journal and will invite a range of speakers.
  • Writing to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to seek an update on the use of manuals used by DWP PIP assessors when assessing individuals affected by mesh complications, sodium valproate and Primodos.  This action arises from continuing concerns among patients about difficulty obtaining PIP. 

 The Group will publish further updates as this work progresses. 

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